Judith Bohm-Parr

Who is behind Studio 8 Glass?

Judith Bohm-Parr, the artist behind Studio 8 Glass, relocated in 2014 from the Cairns area after 22 years in the tropics.

She brings with her over 30 years of experience of creating all forms of kiln-fired glass and national & international tutoring. She has been presented with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in glass from Australian National University and a Master Of Creative Arts from James Cook University.

Her glass art is in major public and private collections including the WA Art Gallery, Queensland Art Gallery and Wagga Wagga National Glass Collection.


The Journey…

Studio 8 Glass was established in 1992, with the idea of creating quality handcrafted glass art, which would reach a worldwide audience.

Cast glass panel entry doors
Cast glass panel entry doors

Life is a continuous journey with a few stops in-between; for some metaphorically, for others literally. As an artist, I find that journeying in both spheres presents inspiration for my art. Mother Nature has been a defining rationale in my art for many years & I never tire of portraying the endless repertoire she presents on every journey. Another tool I use to reach out with is colour.

“Colour is life, for without it the world would be dead; colour cannot exist without light. It is this fascination with the interaction of light & colour that has influenced my art.”


What can Studio 8 Glass offer you?

Xanadu lily laden water pond
Tranquil grounds of Xanadoo


Studio 8 Glass is set up with 4 kilns and can cater to workshops, corporate work and commissions. The largest kiln, “Molly” (all kilns have a name!) is 2 metres long, so can fuse architectural panels, windows and interior features.

The beautiful gardens & waterlily filled lagoon surrounding her studio have inspired her to create a range of water features & garden sculptures that will be launched in the near future.


Where can Judith’s works be found?

Our rustic workshop 'Xanadu' is located in picturesque landscaped gardens
Our rustic workshop ‘Xanadu’ is located in picturesque landscaped gardens


Studio 8 Glass is just 5kms south of Childers in Queensland, on a landscaped property called Xanadoo.

The glass studio is housed in a rustic iron & timber structure reminiscent of the days of old.

The studio/gallery is open by appointment only.

A collection of smaller pieces can be purchased from Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) & Childers Art Space (ChArtS) Gift Shops.